Whats on the Menu?

Compiling the best “water-cooler” talk while we make our daily ./run to the cafeteria. The cafeteria run is our sanctuary, where we software engineers can talk about the latest technological gadget/gizmo and how our own lives are all digitally connected. Each of us has a different background, a different viewpoint and we all try input our opinions on topics ranging from video games to the latest Apple product. Check out the LabRatz page for our bios.

Topics coming soon:
“These Bagels Sucks!” – Where Phil and Tim review the latest video game(s) and rate them on our Breakfast scale. They’ll help you decide whether to buy, rent or even borrow the game. They’ll do the research for you so you don’t have to. A basic 1 thru 5 rating scale (worse to best), where the scale is made up of images of Raged’s favorite choice of breakfast food for the week. Posted weekly.

“Techno-Fiend” – Nim’s column about the latest gadget that has been stirring up some noise. His synopsis on what to expect and how it can play a positive or negative part in your digital world. Posted monthly.

“Raged’s Rants” – What’s bugging Raged today? Raged speaks his mind on why we’re all b!tches and how he’s always right. If you are a frequent tech-buyer and need a strong 2nd opinion on buying something, let Raged curse you out straight up. His “loud” opinion will give you two sides of the story before you purchase your next tech gadget. Email Raged your next possible purchase that needs a 2nd opinion at cafetimerun@gmail.com. Posted Monthly.

“North vs South” – Phil and Tim go head to head to try to convince Nim (neutral) why their argument is the right one. Each one takes a side on topic and must come up with material that can sway Nim to believing one is better than the other. For example, “Which is better PS3 or 360?” If you the reader would like to suggest a topic please email us at cafetimerun@gmail.com. Posted Monthly.More topics will soon follow.

If any of our readers have suggestions on topics don’t be shy to give us a holla. Email us at cafetimerun@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon!


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