Posted by: pdk27 | December 10, 2008

Cooking Time

Once again Nintendo is reaching out past the world of gaming with its latest DS release Personal Trainer: Cooking.  Since the game is only $20 I decided to give it a spin.  Upon receiving it I went through the 245 recipes and picked out one I thought might be easy.  I went with Roasted Chicken.  Upon selecting the recipe the program created a shopping list for me of all the ingredients I would need.  So then my DS and me were off to the grocery store to buy ingredients I’ve never bought before like sage and watercress.  Once I got home, it was cooking time.  The recipies are well laid out and the program picks the perfect times to give you more information when it might seem confusing.  For example in the recipie I was making it gave more detail on the proper way to crush garlic.  Half an hour later I was enjoying the chicken i’ve got shown below.  It tasted much better than I was expecting.

I’ll keep you up to date on other recipies that I will be trying.  I did also buy all the necessary ingrediants to make salsa so that will probably be the next one.  So if your new to cooking I highly recommend this program.  It will have you making things you never thought you would.



  1. we should have a cooking contest where we all choose a recipe…..i’m selecting Curry Chicken 😉

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