Posted by: pdk27 | June 24, 2008

Recommended Gaming (June 2008)

I’ve decided to start an article where I can recommend good games that I’ve played in the month. Feel free to add your own choices in the comments section below.

Space Invaders Extreme (DS/PSP)

I am amazed on how man $20 gems can be found on handhelds now a days, especially on the DS. This months example is Space Invaders Extreme. If you have seen or played Pac-Man C.E. on Xbox Live Arcade then you have a good idea on what kind of upgrade this is. The action is fast and furious, almost like Space Invaders for people with A.D.D.. Add to this the fact that you can play online with your friends as well compare high scores and you’ve got a complete arcade experience anywhere you go. Very addicting.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

It’s finally here. The PS3’s killer app, the next game in the Metal Gear Series, and the wrap-up to 20 years of story about Solid Snake. This is the game we have all been waiting for. I’m getting close to the mid way point in the game so I’ll save most of my praise until I beat it but so far it is definitely delivering. The graphics are amazing, the sound is the show stealer, and the gameplay is the best Metal Gear gameplay I’ve experienced so far. If you own a PS3, just go buy it.

So there you go. One huge epic game and another arcade simple experience. These are two really high quality games considering its the beginning of the traditional summer drought. It appears that 2008 might just surpass 2007 as hard as that is to believe. Enjoy.



  1. Dude, this reminds me of Christmas 04 (or maybe 05, I can’t remember now!). We got GTA: SA, MGS3, Metroid Prime 2 and I *think* Halo 2? What an expensive and epic year for games. I think 2008 is starting to reach similar levels…must…resist…spending…

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