Posted by: pdk27 | November 13, 2007

Dear PS3,

We’ve already had some great times this year.   We both throughly enjoyed playing through Ratchet & Clank earlier this month.  But I’m afraid you will not be seeing me for a while.  Its not you…its me.  You see insanemouse picked up Super Mario Galaxy for me at the Nintendo World Store on Monday morning.  I played two hours tonight so far and I’m in love.  Its that puppy dog love like the first time you booted up Super Mario 3 or Super Mario 64.  Fear not though I will be back in due time to play Rock Band, but until then the Nintendo fanboy is busting out of me and I’ve got to fly the Mario flag. Don’t call me, I call you.Love, pdk27 



  1. I’ll pour one out for the PS3…

  2. isn’t the Mario flag a rainbow? …OH SNAP!

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